1st International Conference on Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing
18-20 October, 2023
EKTAM, Ankara
(10:00-16:00 hrs)
Organized by
Gazi University
Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Conference, A2M2C, is organized to discuss new/innovative methods and approaches developed in materials and manufacturing technologies in order to obtain value-added products. A wide range of topics are the focus of the A2M2C conference, which will bring together scientists who carry out interdisciplinary academic work in universities, especially in the field of engineering, and experts who practice in the industry. The A2M2C conference, where additive manufacturing methods are also discussed as a result of their wide impact on manufacturing methodologies in recent years, is the forum where both national and international researchers come together. In the first series of the A2M2C conference, the first breakthroughs of the “Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (A2M2TECH)” Project (www.a2m2tech) funded by the European Commission and TÜBİTAK and the “New Generation 3D Printer Manufacturing Technologies Platform (3B-YIB)” (www.ektam.gaz.edu.tr) projects supported by TÜBİTAK will be shared and recent research results obtained through the experiments conducted by the academics who are experts in their fields will also be presented.
Important Deadlines

18 September, 2023: Beginning of submission
29 September, 2023: End of submission
10 October, 2023: Preliminary decision
15 October, 2023: Final submission
18-20 October, 2023: Conference

Keynote Speakers
• Dr. Gustavo M. Castelluccio (Cranfield University)
• Dr. Andrea Cini (Universidad Carlos III Madrid)
• Lars Langhans (FIT Additive Manufacturing Group)
• Advance manufacturing
• Advanced materials for AM
• Post processing of AM parts
• Wear response of AM materials
• Modeling and simulations in AM
• Characterizations of AM materials
• AI, Automation and Robotics in AM
• Corrosion behavior of AM materials
• Mechanical behavior of AM materials
Conference Venue
Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and one of the main economic, social and cultural centre in Turkey. This conference will be hosted by EKTAM, located close to the TEKNOHAB.

Honorary Committee
Dr. Celal Sami Tüfekçi
Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal
Prof. Dr. Musa Yıldız
International Program Committee
General Chair: Prof. Dr. Metin U. Salamci
Program Chair: Prof. Dr. Yusuf Usta
Program Co-chair: Prof. Dr. Olcay E. Canyurt
Conference Secretary: Dr. Peyman Ansari
Scientific Committee
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arif Adli
Prof. Dr. O. Cenk Aktaş
Prof. Dr. Nizami Aktürk
Prof. Dr. Olcay E. Canyurt
Prof. Dr. Erdal Çelik
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Güden
Prof. Dr. Y. Eren Kalay
Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaymaz
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Kızıl
Prof. Dr. Bahattin Koç
Prof. Dr. Yogendra Kumar Mishra
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özçelik
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Öztürk
Prof. Dr. Alper Taşdemirci
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Usta
Prof. Dr. Rahmi Ünal
Prof. Dr. Fatih Yıldız
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Aycan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Havva Zeytin Kazdal
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sezer Özerinç
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bülent Özkan
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elmas Salamcı
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kürşad Sezer
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ender Yıldırım
• Dr. Hüseyin Aydın
• Dr. Gustavo M. Castelluccio
• Dr. Andrea Cini
• Dr. Burcu Arslan Hamat
• Dr. İlhan Şen
• Dr. Evren Tan
• Dr. Hakan Yavaş
• Dr. Peyman Ansari
• Sertaç Altınok
• Güray Akbulut
• Deniz Demirci
• Sami Duman
• Burak Karakaş
• Orkun Umur Önem
• Ahmet Özkayan
Organizing Committee
• Mr. Muhammad Muteeb Butt
• Mr. Ahmed Jawad
• Mr. Can Barış Toprak
• Mr. Yunus Yıldız
• Mr. Anıl Emiralioğlu
Paper Submission

Conference Fees
Faculty/Industry: 100 € / Student: 20 € A registration fee covers: attendance at all sessions, conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches on the days of the conference, welcome reception and gala dinner.
Bank account information to which participation fees must be deposited:
Halk Bank
IBAN No.: TR45 000 1200 1294 0005 8100 087
Conference Fees must be deposited into the above mentioned account in the name of the:
Gazi Üniversitesi Döner Sermaye İşletme Müdürlüğü
Dr. Peyman Ansari
Address: Akıncı district, Akıncılar st., 06980 Kahramankazan/ANKARA
Email: a2m2tech.cofund@gazi.edu.tr