In line with the Grant Agreement and the Open Call, 291 applications have been received. Out of 160 complete applications, 79 of them were eligible. Those eligible applications were evaluated by the Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC). SEC members were composed of 50 experts in the field and 25 of them were male and the rest were female for the purpose of gender balance. Each application was evaluated by 5 SEC members. For each application, the highest and the lowest scores were discarded and the average of the remaining 3 scores constituted the final SEC score for the applicants. The process of SEC evaluation was completed by 7 January 2022. 44-best ranked applications were invited for the interviews. 6 Interview Panel Members (3 of them were External, Independent Experts in the field) held 30 minutes interviews for each applicant. 44 interviews (30 minutes each) were conducted in 4 days in a row and this process was completed by 13 January 2022. Both SEC and Interview Panel Members used a predetermined evaluation criteria included in the “Guide for Evaluators.” 60% of the SEC scores and 40% of the interview evaluation constituted the applicants’ final evaluation scores. 44 Final Evaluation Forms were prepared and sent to the applicants. The Final Evaluation Forms included not only the final score of the applicants but also some observed information on strengths and weaknesses of each applicant (based on the statements of the evaluators) with a view to improving their future performance. At the end of the above processes, 22 best ranked applicants were selected and offered ESR positions.