Respecting the requirements of the ESRs and in-line with the GA various training activities have been held and will continue in the continuation of the project. The training activities that were organized for ESRs so far as following:

  • Training in the Flow3D and Simufact software was given to the ESRs during the first summer school in August 2022 by “ONATUS Öngörü Teknolojileri” company.
  • Second Pro- training of Flow3D in EKTAM by “IOG Mühendislik” company in November 2022.
  • Training activity on the Particle Size and Shape Analysis device was given to ESRs as complementary training within the scope of ESR’s thesis topic in May 2023 by “ATS Elektronik” company.
  • Training of three-dimensional metal printers within EKTAM is giving to the ESRs in groups nowadays. In this process, first stage trainings of SLM and EBM devices are given. The training is given by the EKTAM personals in EKTAM.

Thermo-Calc software training in EKTAM by “ONATUS Öngörü Teknolojileri” company in September 2023

Also, Secondments and other training events are being planned in the light of the PCDPs of the ESRs.

On the other hand, the Complementary Skills Training are included in the project activities as well. Training activity on Powder Characterization device took place as a complementary training within the scope of ESR’s thesis topic.