Question: How can I get complete information about the program?

Answer: Complete information is available in the open call on Euraxess and through the following link

Question: How can I apply to the program?

Answer: The applications will be collected through the following website:

Question: Do I need to get a Turkish visa before leaving my country?

Answer: This depends on your country. Most probably you will need to get a visa. The duration of the visa also depends on your country.

Question: Where will I stay when I come to Turkey for registration?

Answer: We recommend that you stay at the dormitory of the hosting institutions and/or dormitories the hosting university suggests. Please keep in mind that ESRs studying their PhD at ITU (based in Istanbul), and IZTECH (based in İzmir) will be moving to Ankara after the completion of two semesters. Therefore, it may not be worth the effort to rent a flat for less than a year.

Question: What is the procedure to obtain work permit/residence permit?

Answer: Once you have signed the contract when you are in Turkey, you will obtain a special permission which will allow you to stay and work in Turkey.

Question: What would be the net salary?

Answer: The salary of ESRs as stated in the open call is gross. Net salary will be calculated on the basis of a number of conditions like marital status and so on.

Question: Can I change the PhD topic/my preference after submitting my application?

Answer: Any change in the application will not be possible after submitting your application.

Question: Is the desired GRE score the quantitative score?

Answer: On the GRE, we ask for quantitative scores. In other words, the limits of the scores in the Open-Call are the desired quantitative score.

Question: I did not finish my Master's education, but I am planning to graduate until January 2021. Am I eligible for the project?

Answer: Unfortunately, if you are in this situation, you are not suitable for the project. You must apply with your diploma within the timeframe when the application is open.