Cost of Living in Turkey and Financial Conditions

Compared to many European and other countries in the world, cost of living in Turkey is very affordable. You can reach up-to-date and specific information about average cost of food, accommodation, travel and so on via the links given below. Financial support under this doctoral programme is much more generous compared to the most relevant regional and national funding schemes for doctoral researchers.

22 ESRs will be selected, recruited and appointed on 48-month contracts each through this present Open Call following a transparent, open and merit-based procedure. Social security coverage for the contracted fellows include benefits for health care, occupational accident, unemployment and disablement benefits, parental and sick leave. Each ESR fellow will receive a gross salary of €2920 per month. ESR fellows will also be supported during the process of obtaining residence permit and finding accommodation.

Gross and Net Income
Since the monthly payment of ESRs working in the A2M2TECH project is subject to the Income Tax Law No. 193, the Stamp Tax Law No. 488, the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, deductions are made within the scope of the above-mentioned laws and the wages are calculated and paid to the relevant parties.